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Another Timeshare Resort Crashes

NOW is the time to seek advice about your mis-sold timeshare following the news that another Spanish resort has closed.


Club Paradiso / Paramount in Tenerife closed on 6th June and Sharon Johnson, spokeswoman for European Consumer Claims Ltd, had this advice for unwanted timeshare owners: “Imagine if this happened to you; with this in mind we would urge anyone who is unhappy with their resort and feels they were mis-sold to seek professional advice quickly - before their resort closes and it is too late.”


Club Paradiso is managed by Excel Hotels and Resorts and when attempts were made to contact the resort it was impossible by phone there being just a recorded voicemail. Furthermore, the website is no longer available. Only security officials remain on the resort site.


“For timeshare apartment owners at this resort, alarm bells should be ringing about their initial investment,” said Sharon Johnson. “No-one knows what is happening.

“It is unlikely that owners at this resort will be able to use their timeshare.”

The closure of the resort is a clear breach of contract and there could be a claim. Timeshare owners should seek advice sooner rather than later.


ECC have recently introduced a mini-break for clients that wish to meet with a consultant to discuss their timeshare problems. ECC will pay for accommodation whether it is in the Costa Del Sol (3 nights) or a UK destination convenient for the client (1 night).


European Consumer Claims Ltd are the UK and Europe’s leading experts in helping to release people from unwanted timeshare and instigating claims for timeshare owners to receive compensation for mis-sold timeshare or for failing to adhere to contractual requirements as governed by timeshare legislation.


Since the beginning of this year, our Spanish associate lawyers M1 Legal have secured 61 victories in the Spanish courts amounting to £851,000 and have an additional 697 cases in court with a further 318 cases being prepared for submission.


Already in July, M1 legal has victories against Diamond Resorts £49,729, Silverpoint £11,253, Anfi Resorts £8,411 and two victories against Club La Costa totalling £72,070. In addition M1 Legal have secured 9 victories against Club La Costa on jurisdiction.


For any enquiries call the ECC Advice Line on 0203 670 4616 or email pr@ecc-eu.com