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Care Home MD Praises Staff Commitment

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / March 25, 2020 / In a letter to relatives of residents at independent care home, Peregrine House, owner Dr Kevin O’Sullivan has praised the commitment of his staff in the face of COVID19 fears.

He explained “I was humbled and proud of the wonderful team of people who are “Team Peregrine” when we were making plans for how to deal with the advancing pandemic. Just a few days ago, we approached each member of the team individually to ask if they might be prepared to “live-in” at Peregrine House for the quarantine period then being advised, of 14 days. The majority of staff agreed to do this to support, defend and protect our residents, sacrificing their own family lives to achieve that end.”

While no longer viable to expect staff to quarantine themselves for a full twelve weeks, possibly longer, in line with current thinking on isolating, Dr O’Sullivan remains grateful of the level of commitment demonstrated by ‘Team Peregrine’.

Managed by Alison Bedford, a former Care Home Registered Manager of the Year at the national finals of the Great British Care Awards, the ethos of Peregrine House in training staff has always been to promised to treat residents as they would treat the most loved members of their own families. COVID19 is the greatest test of that commitment and the team have shown themselves willing to live up to that promise, even in these frightening times.

Dr O’Sullivan went on to urge vigilance in the community in the face of the pandemic, adding “Keep hand-washing, keep separating, keep safe.”