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Cycling on holiday? Pack a Morpher Folding Helmet - the perfect travelling companion

LONDON / AGILITYPR.NEWS / January 14, 2020 /

Cycling on holiday? Pack a Morpher Folding Helmet - the perfect travelling companion



Planning a cycling trip or hiring a bike while away? Don’t compromise your safety by travelling without a helmet.  What you need is a Morpher Flat Folding helmet.

Morpher is the multi-award winning helmet that folds flat and slips into a bag when not in use, ideal for travellers and tourists, for whatever type of cycling you’re planning on doing while on holiday or a city break. At under 6.35cm when folded it takes up the fraction of the room in your luggage of a bulky full-sized helmet and avoids the discomfort of a rental.


With the big rise in cycle touring holidays and with tourists hopping on city bike share schemes to see the sites, a helmet has become an essential item for travellers.  The problem is that a bulky full-sized helmet is hard to pack and annoying to carry around when not cycling

A folded Morpher will slip between your clothes in a case or into a backpack, taking up minimal room, so it is easy to stow away in the overhead luggage rack. And, even if you’re going for a short break with hand luggage only and don’t think you’ve got the room, you’ll be surprised at how little space a Morpher takes up. If you are planning on using city bike share schemes it is worth checking local laws on helmets as some cities insist on them, better to take your Morpher, just to be safe.

The Morpher Helmet folds flat, opens and closes in seconds, is fully CE1078 safety certified and will protect your head and help to keep you safe wherever you cycle, both on and off-road. It’s available in a range of colours and is available from www.morpherhelmet.com or Amazon.



£74.99 available from the Morpher website www.morpherhelmet.com,  price includes free delivery


For further information, jpegs, video, interview and more information please contact: Caroline Ratner, caroline@carolinecomms.com


Notes to Editors



90% of cyclists admit that they know how dangerous it is not to wear a helmet but they still don’t wear one, and an astonishing 83% of these say they won’t wear a one because they are inconvenient to carry around when not cycling.



Yahoo Sports Innovation Award 2018

Morpher Helmet has won prestigious awards for innovation and inventions:

iF D+I Award ‘16

Edison Gold Award

Time Magazine AND Popular Science Invention of the year