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Devon Air Ambulance’s longest serving pilot elected to prestigious flight safety post


Safety is foremost in the thoughts of any organisation that works in the aviation world, and at the heart of it is the UK Flight Safety Committee. The UKFSC meets six times a year in various locations across southern England.

Captain Rob Mackie, Safety Manager for Devon Air Ambulance, has been attending these meetings for 4 years. Rob’s experience includes being the longest serving pilot for the Devon Air Ambulance service, having flown 7,890 missions over a 23-year period.

Of his newly-elected position Rob said:

“It is an honour to be elected as a Non-Executive Committee member for such a prestigious organisation. I believe I am the first HEMS representative to be part of the Committee and I am really looking forward to working with my fellow Committee members to promote safety in aviation.”

Dai Whittingham, Chief Executive of UK Flight Safety Committee, said:

“I am delighted that Rob has been elected to the Executive Board of the UK Flight Safety Committee. He has been a strong supporter of our work and has shown great commitment since Devon Air Ambulance joined us (along with Emirates) in November 2015. I look forward to working more closely with Rob over the next few years.”


About Us


Devon Air Ambulance Trust is the Charity which raises the funds to keep Devon’s two Air Ambulances flying. The service is 27 years old and is funded by the generosity of the community, businesses and friends of Devon. Last year it cost £7.5 million to keep the service flying, helping 1109 patients, of which 11% were children.


The Exeter based aircraft operates until 2am every day and since it started flying into the hours of darkness over 118 patients have been helped at night time, using our growing network of Community Landing Sites. You can read more about our community landing sites here. Devon Air Ambulance also runs a weekly lottery, which in 2018 raised over £2 million for the service.


Rob Mackie

Safety Manager for Devon Air Ambulance


Phone: 01392 466666