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European Patent Issued for Groundbreaking Insect Protein Technology; Company Seeks Investors

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK / AGILITYPR.NEWS / June 17, 2024 / All Things Bugs LLC, a pioneer in the development of sustainable eco-friendly technologies using insects and world’s first wholesaler of insect based food ingredients, is thrilled to announce the grant of a new European Patent on December 20, 2023. This groundbreaking patent, titled “Insect Products and Methods of Manufacture and Use Thereof” reflects the company's continued commitment to innovation in the field of insect-based food and agricultural products. The granted European Union Unitary Patent (EP3096633) is enforceable in all countries of the Unitary Patent System Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, (cf. https://www.epo.org/en/applying/european/unitary/unitary-patent ). Further, the patent will be enforceable in Spain, UK, and Poland.


Founded in 2011 by Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, a passionate Ph.D. biomedical scientist, biochemist and self-taught entomologist, All Things Bugs has been at the forefront of utilizing insects to improve food security and health. The company’s latest achievement is a testament to its enduring mission to harness the vast potential of insects in addressing global food security and sustainability challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss. Insects are the most efficient and sustainable protein source on Earth, utilizing far less land, water, feed, energy and other valuable resources to produce than any other protein source. More on this can be found in Dr. Dossey’s book “Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients”.


Innovations and Impact

This new patent marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to revolutionize the food industry. The primary innovation involves the initial grinding of insects prior to drying. The major application of this technology utilizes spray drying for the most efficient, cost effective and scalable process to produce protein powder made from sustainably farm raised insects to generate the highest quality ingredient available on the market. All Things Bugs has already made impressive strides in this domain, including the development and early commercialization of their patented Griopro® cricket powder production technology. This innovation positioned the company as the world’s first wholesaler of insect-based food ingredients, showcasing their role as a leader in the edible insect sector.


The European Patent covers novel aspects of All Things Bugs' technology, further solidifying its position as a key player in the global market. This includes advancements in processing technology, food product development, and cutting-edge insect farming automation and mechanization.

European Patent Issued to All Things Bugs LLC for Groundbreaking Insect Protein Technology; Company Seeks Investors

Future Prospects

With this patent, All Things Bugs aims to expand its reach within the European Union, bringing its sustainable and nutritious food solutions to a broader consumer market. The company continues to work on groundbreaking research, including using automated insect farming and cutting edge CRISPR gene editing, making insects a promising solution for future food resources.

Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, President, Founder, and Owner of All Things Bugs, expressed his excitement about the patent grant: “This is a significant achievement for our team and for the broader field of insect-based food technologies. We are eager to continue and expand our work, scaling up utilization of our insect based food ingredients in the food industry, ensuring a more sustainable and healthy future for all.”

About All Things Bugs

All Things Bugs, based in Oklahoma City, OK, USA, specializes in developing sustainable insect-derived food products and biologically active chemical compounds for agriculture and medicine. With over $5 million in research funding from various prestigious organizations, All Things Bugs is committed to making insects a viable, sustainable protein source for the food industry.

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