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How to Prepare for the Psychological and Financial Aspects of Retirement

AUSTIN, TX / AGILITYPR.NEWS / September 14, 2021 / New book focuses on intersection of mental health and financial planning, offering a holistic approach to a fulfilling and purposeful retirement

Retirement planning is more than a numbers game. Traditional strategies to prepare for retirement have long overlooked the emotional and psychological transition that comes with a new life phase. Nobody understands this better than Certified Investment Management Analyst and Registered Financial Consultant Tony Hixon. In Retirement Stepping Stones: Find Meaning, Live with Purpose, and Leave a Legacy (River Grove Books, Sep 14, 2021), Hixon shares how a personal tragedy redefined his perspective and profession.


In 2002, with his business partner, Adam Zuercher, Tony Hixon launched Hixon Zuercher Capital Management—a fee-only wealth management firm located in Findlay, OH. Tony wanted to help clients ensure that they wouldn’t outlive their money—and possibly even have enough saved to accomplish their bucket-list goals. However, after several years of running a numbers-first business and serving his clients well in their financial lives, a family crisis changed his thinking.


Tony’s mother retired from her job as the director of a hospice agency, and she quickly fell into a deep depression as she lost the purpose and fulfillment derived from a lifelong career that she had been passionate about. On March 22, 2011, Tony’s mother tragically took her own life. After this life-changing event, Tony made it his goal to help pre-retirees not repeat the mistakes his mom had made as she had transitioned from her career into retirement. Today, he works to ensure that people have a retirement plan that ensures the health of one’s lifestyle and mental wellbeing in addition to their finances.


“Retirement is extremely complex and continues to change. People need guidance and a process,” said Jamie P. Hopkins, managing partner of Carson Wealth Solutions and author of Rewirement: Rewiring the way You Think About Retirement. “This book walks you through the hurdles and roadblocks that can be in your way and provides a streamlined and easy-to-follow process so you can leave a life-changing legacy at the end of your retirement.”


“That’s the reason for this book,” Hixon says. “I want to ensure that your retirement brings you pleasure, serenity of mind, and the enjoyment of a well-lived life. That your transition is from success to significance. That you find a newfound hope and a newfound purpose. That retirement brings you your best years. My ultimate desire is that your retirement equals peace.”


Pick up your copy of Retirement Stepping Stones and stay updated on Tony Hixon’s endeavors by visiting tonyhixon.com.

About the Author:

Tony Hixon is a co-founder and chief operating officer of Hixon Zuercher Capital Management. He has been providing financial advice to his firm’s clients since 2003. After having gone through a tragic experience with his mom, he now approaches financial advice in a different way. “I firmly believe that our clients aren’t served when we only look at the numbers,” he says. The entire Hixon Zuercher team focuses on a holistic approach when working with pre-retiree clients because, through Tony’s experience, they’ve seen firsthand the effects of not having a plan to live a goals- and values-based life after retirement. Tony recounts, “If finances are the only thing we consider, we overlook the wellbeing of our clients and the long-term satisfaction they’ll receive from having a financial plan in place.”

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